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  • How much does a SMILE PICS photo booth cost?
    Corporate Events: We offer a tailor-made offer for company events. Please ask using our contact form. As soon as we have all the information from you, you will receive a non-binding offer from us. Private Events: Prices for a SMILE PICS photo booth start at €390 (BOB-Online), €490 (BOB-Print) & €1,050 (LUNA). The rental price already includes a photo flat rate, online gallery for all media, direct smartphone download option, original props & personalized layout.
  • Do you also offer wedding photos / wedding videos + photo booth as a combo?
    Yes, of course! - As a wedding professional, I not only offer the most beautiful photo booth for weddings, but as a wedding photographer/wedding videographer I can also offer everything from a single source. You benefit from special conditions and have everything from a single source. This saves you having to make several arrangements/discussions with different service providers, because I take care of the coordination/organization for you. Come and visit me:
  • Welche Requisiten/Verkleidungen sind dabei? Kann ich mir die Verkleidung aussuchen?
    Im Preis inklusive ist eine bunte Auswahl verschiedener Requisiten. Unsere Requisitensets variieren von Veranstaltung zu Veranstaltung, daher können wir leider keine Auswahl ermöglichen. Alle Accessoires werden von uns so gewählt, dass sie möglichst zu jedem Anlass passen. Spezialwünsche können wir gerne besprechen, wir finden da bestimmt eine Möglichkeit diese zu berücksichtigen.
  • Are there backgrounds included with the photo booth? Can you change the background?
    Due to its design, LUNA has little scope for special background systems. The rear and side windows are fitted with handmade macrame curtains. These can be replaced with tinsel curtains (New Year's Eve) or Hawaiian leis, for example. There are (almost) no limits to our creativity. For BOB we offer various optional background systems. You can find our current backgrounds at . Let's just talk about your requirements/wishes. So far we have been able to fulfill every wish.
  • How much space does the photo booth need? What is needed to set it up?
    LUNA itself takes up an area of 4x2m. We recommend providing an area of 4x4m so that there is enough space for the decorations and the prop table. The installation location must be accessible by car, at ground level and stable (Luna weighs 450 kg). Luna needs its own (not a multiple socket) 220V power connection which is not powered by an emergency power generator. This ensures that the on-board power supply and the photo booth are not damaged. BOB doesn't need a lot of space. To ensure you have a lot of fun with BOB and take cool group photos, we recommend at least 2.00m (depth) x 2.50m (width). The closer the photo booth is to the wall or background system, the fewer guests will have space on the picture/boomerang.
  • Can I set up the photo booth anywhere?
    Luna can be used indoors and outdoors. With its dimensions of 4x2x2 meters (lxwxh) it also fits in most event locations. Please clarify in advance whether Luna fits in the location. Since Luna does not require any flammable fuels (oil, petrol), indoor use is not a problem.
  • Do I have to supervise the photo booth at the event?
    LUNA is looked after by an experienced employee on site. This means that Luna is set up at the agreed location, decorated and made pretty for the event. The photo booth is designed to function completely independently. If something does go wrong, help is not far away and the event is not affected. As soon as BOB has been set up and switched on, it runs independently. If you have any technical problems, our telephone support will help.
  • When will the photo booth be delivered? Do I have to be there?
    LUNA is usually delivered and set up around 1.5 hours before the booking time. In high season, it can happen that the photo booth has to be delivered to its destination the day before. An employee then takes care of the "finishing touches" on the day of the event and releases the photo booth for the guests at the booked time. BOB is usually delivered on the day of the event or the day before (by arrangement). The photo booth can be picked up either the following day or the same evening (by arrangement).
  • Are the images/media stored digitally? Do I get an online gallery?
    Yes & Yes! You will receive all images/media in full resolution as originals (without layout) and as collages (with layout) as digital (jpg) media. The moving media will also be made available to you in our online gallery. In addition to the photo flat rate, we will provide you with a free online gallery in which the images/media will be uploaded directly during the event. This means you don't have to wait after the event, as all images will be synchronized immediately.
  • How are the photos taken? How does it work?
    With the built-in 22 inch (LUNA) or 12.3 inch (BOB) touchscreen with live view, you can see yourself on the screen as if in a mirror. The photos/media are taken by touch trigger or contactless using a QR code (triggered with a smartphone camera). After the trigger, a 5-second countdown starts on the screen. In addition, an LED ring (LUNA only) lights up around the camera lens to draw attention from the display to the camera. The photo box then takes the photo/media and shows a preview. If you don't like the image/media, it can be deleted using the red button. After 4 shots, these are combined on one printout and printed out automatically.
  • How many photos can the photo booth print?
    Photo flat rate means you can take as many photos as you like. All images are saved digitally and you get access to all the media created afterwards. The print packages include a high-performance printer. With LUNA, a maximum of 700 prints can be made and with BOB, a maximum of 300 prints (10x15).
  • What size and quality are the photos and prints?
    The photo series printed from the box has a standard size of 10x15cm and is provided with a protective layer in laboratory quality (thermosublimation printing) so that you can touch it straight away. A DSLR (single lens reflex camera) is installed in our photo box. The individual images are saved in the online gallery alongside the series photos and GIFs & Boomerngs (as desired). You can also download all media directly to your smartphone (using a QR code).
  • Can I just take photos? What other options are there?
    No! - Our photo booth works with professional photo booth software, which offers countless possibilities. In addition to the classic photos, there is also the option of recording GIFs, boomerangs and/or video sequences. In the end, you decide what you want to offer your guests. Animated GIFs or the boomerangs known from Instagram offer variety and are almost a "must-have", especially for the younger generation. You can do almost anything, from an individual greeting (e.g. from the bride and groom) when starting the photo booth, to an individualized thank you video at the end of a photo or video sequence.
  • Can I download the pictures/media to my phone?
    Yes - you can download your pictures/media to your smartphone immediately after you have taken them. After each photo/media, a specially generated QR code is shown on the display. With this QR code, you can download your photo series via our download portal. All you need is internet access. Thanks to the individual QR code, only the people in the photos can download the respective series - so everything complies with data protection regulations and is secure.
  • Kann ich mir ein Layout selbst aussuchen?
    Ja! - Du kannst dir ein Layout aus unseren 100 Vorlagen aussuchen. Hier findest du für jeden Anlass eine passende Vorlage. Du kannst zwischen den Formaten 10x15 oder 5x15 (Doppel-Fotostreifen) auswählen. Egal ob Hochzeit, Geburtstag, Sommerfest oder Weihnachtsfeier. Das Layout wird natürlich kostenfrei an dein Event angepasst (Datum & Eventname oder Motto). Du kannst über uns auch ein komplett individuell designtes Layout beauftragen. Du kannst dich natürlich auch selbst oder deine Grafikabteilung um das Layout kümmern, hierfür stelle ich dir die Maße und eine Vorlage als Beispiel zur Verfügung. Unsere inklusiven Layouts findest du hier:
  • Does the photo booth have a built-in flash?
    Yes! - Luna is equipped with a professional studio flash system, which ensures consistently well-lit images. The 300 watt flash system can handle any lighting situation, no matter where you want to place Luna. Since Luna is a camper (closed space), you can estimate the photo and lighting conditions very well and plan/adjust them accordingly. Bright sunshine outdoors or dim light indoors, both are no problem. In order to avoid annoying flash umbrellas/diffusers inside the camper, all of the technology was installed in such a way that none of it can be seen. Flashes, lighting and printers were installed "hidden" so as not to disturb the overall image.
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